Sessions have not yet been confirmed for 2017. Sessions from Melbourne 2015 included:

    (Solid) State of the Nation - a look at alternatives to disk drives

    Adventures in Emulation - Is emulation possible within an Apple II?

    It’s Game Time - What Hardware has Matt Jenkins been playing with recently?

    Lego interfaces for the Apple II - Alex Lukacz

    Video Link Up with Dagen Brock for a session on development

    Liberate that 1980s Air - shrinkwrapped software beware!

    Using cc65 with one-click compile and emulator boot

    Hosting an Apple IIGS BBS on the internet

In addition there will be

    a breakout space with soldering stations, oscilloscope etc

    an opportunity to give away, buy or sell retro computing related gear

If you would like to present a session or have an idea for a session, please contact us.

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